Our mission: Creating
sustainable value.

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Sustainability at ETERRA

Our goal is to explore and further develop sustainable living in all its facets.

We place special emphasis on developing customized solutions for each individual client. With our many years of expertise and a dedicated team, we aim to think big and implement innovative concepts in an environmentally and resource-efficient manner.

Sustainability at ETERRA


We care for the environment. For future generations.

We commit to sustainability as the cornerstone of our actions. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment and society through responsible business practices and innovative technologies. We strive to use resources efficiently, minimize emissions, and improve the living conditions of our communities. Our sustainable initiatives reflect our commitment to a greener future and the well-being of future generations.

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„We have only one planet to build on.“

Be fair.

We uphold high ethical and moral standards in our business practices and interpersonal relationships. This means we are committed to fairness and integrity in all our actions, both internally and externally.

Be Playful.

We cultivate a culture of playfulness that not only fosters greater connection within our team but also enables us to respond quickly and agilely to changes in an increasingly complex world.

Be responsible.

We always take responsibility for our actions, both towards our stakeholders and the natural environment.


Be brave.

We have the courage to forge new paths—we think big and set ambitious goals because experience has taught us: this is how groundbreaking ideas become reality.